Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Leak in Falcon Heights

The Before Photo shows the completed demolition of the water-damaged ceiling panels in this Falcon Heights home. The frozen supply line running through the atti... READ MORE

Vacant House and Frozen Pipes in Falcon Heights

The extended cold season weakened some interior plumbing in this vacant Falcon Heights home. The clean water that spurt from the ruptured pipe covered the oak h... READ MORE

Water Damage Remediation in St Anthony

The utility closet in this St Anthony rental unit was leaking water from the supply line to the hot water tank. It went unnoticed as the moisture accumulated in... READ MORE

Sink Leak and Water Damage in St Anthony

The cold water supply line cracked at a fitting and soaked the exterior wall of this St. Anthony kitchen. The damage was extensive, requiring removing the base ... READ MORE

Pressured Water Damages a Lauderdale Bathroom

The Before Photo shows an orange wall soaked with water from a leak in the supply line. The subflooring, below the linoleum covering, was also wet from the leak... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Restoration in St. Anthony

The richness of a beautiful hardwood floor can become compromised quickly by a large amount of standing water from a burst pipe. The LGR-low grain refrigerant d... READ MORE