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Ceiling damage caused sheet rock to fail, causing hole in ceiling

Ceiling Water Damage

Ceiling damage can be dangerous and expensive. Sagging and discoloration are key indicators of a leak above your ceiling. 

What To Do If Part Of Your Ceiling Fails

With ceiling water damage, it's unknown when or how the ceiling may react. If you notice the drywall to begin to fail, your safety must come first! Call our team as soon as you notice a hazardous or concerning situation! 

Standing water on hard wood floor

Standing Water? Trust SERVPRO

Standing water in your home is never a good sign, but you can rest assured when you call us! 

How We Can Help With Standing Water Damage

SERVPRO understands the importance of your home. We have the experience, seasoned professionals and equipment to restore your home "Like it never even happened." Trust SERVPRO to get the job done right the first time! 

overhead flex duct strapped to the ceiling

St. Anthony Emergency Water Service

SERVPRO responds swiftly and with ingenuity when a St. Anthony area nursing facility is disrupted by water damage. Here we rigged a flexible duct to create negative air pressure as we ported moist air to the exterior. Our creativity decreases water damage and disruptions to the routines of this commercial enterprise.

drop acoustical ceiling hanging,  framing hanging, debris on the floor

Lauderdale Storm Damaged Facility

The rainwater entered the attic area of this Lauderdale structure after a severe straight-line storm. SERVPRO arrived and removed the hazardous, hanging debris and then proceeded to dry the affected area with our array of air movers and dehumidifiers. We also tarped the roof to mitigate the water damage until it could be permanently repaired.

muck and mud in a driveway

Floodwaters and Muck in Falcon Heights

The muck and mud left behind after a violent storm in the Falcon Heights area of Minneapolis look like a mudslide. SERVPRO can shovel out the earthy deposits, pressure wash, and spray a disinfectant to clean up this storm-damaged driveway.

sooty film on walls and ceilings

Falcon Heights Soot and Fire Cleanup

Our SERVPRO term can remove the soot deposits on this Falcon Heights home with special chemical sponges. That is just part of the job. We can also set up ULV ultra-light fogging to help eradicate the odors caused by the fire. Count on us, we get it done right.

cut out wallboard showing plumbing by laundry area

St. Anthony Water Damage Demolition

The leak from the supply line (washing machine) soaked a section of the drywall, which was neatly removed by our SERVPRO crew. Our St. Anthony homeowner was elated at the small amount of demolition needed before the build back. Count on us to restore your property.

equipment green drying walls and carpet, folding tables

St. Anthony Water Damage Remediation

The Photo depicts the axial fans, air movers, and dehumidifier drying out this conference room in St. Anthony. SERVPRO removed the baseboards to enhance the rate of evaporation from the wall voids. We check with moisture meters before the job is complete.

grease on floor and oven, mop

St Anthony Restaurant Cleaning

The grease in this kitchen in a St. Anthony restaurant needed an all-night SERVPRO effort to restore it to a sanitary state. Our team can cater to eateries in time of fire damage or flooding, but also for scheduled maintenance cleanings.

opened wall, kitchen  hardwood floors, air movers

Storm Damage Demolition in St Anthony

The groundwater is gone, and the SERPVRO air movers complete the drying process in this St Anthony structure. The discarded sheetrock can be replaced with new materials once the area is dry to standard moisture content levels.

debris in fire-damaged room boarded up sliders

St Anthony Fire Damaged House

Fire-ravaged this St Anthony home and SERVPRO responded immediately to clean up and secure the fire-damaged site. We boarded up the entrance before we began to demolish and remove all burned and non-salvageable materials.

concrete pad, cut off panels from a green wall, studs showing

Basement Flooding in St. Anthony

The water from the burst pipe in this St. Anthony finished basement severely damaged the walls and carpeting. SERVPRO techs removed the carpet to dry the concrete pad. The wallboards were removed at the seam--4-feet, to simplify the installation of new sheetrock after the drying was completed.

dehu and flex duct into attic, washing machine shown

Falcon Heights Storm Damaged Attic

The punched hole in this Falcon Heights attic allowed a soaking of the crawlspace, and water damaged the wall shown in the Photo. SERVPRO set up forced air via the flexible duct to hasten the evaporation and drying of the above area. We understand the use of advanced equipment to mitigate water damage.

gift shop, wet carpet, equipment drying it

St Anthony Retail Shop and Water Mitigation

The carpet in this retail shop, now decked out for the holidays, was soaked from a pipe leak during the night. Our SERVPRO crew arrived first thing in the morning and vacuumed up the water from the soggy carpet. Pictured is an air mover and dehumidifier working to remove excess humidity and preserve the inventory.

Water reflecting light off flooded carpet in several rooms

St Anthony House Flooding

This vacant structure in St. Anthony was flooded from a driving rainstorm. Vagrants had left the windows open and the copious volumes of water soaked the carpets and walls as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can extract the water and possibly salvage the carpets since we were called in quickly for water and storm damage mitigation.

sooty film on cabinets and wall units

St Anthony Fire Damaged Commissary

The sooty film on all the surfaces in this St Anthony's commercial commissary resulted from a deep-fryer mishap. The sticky, gooey coating can be removed with special cleaners and sponges that our SERVPRO techs are adept at using. This saves repainting the surfaces.

stripped kitchen wall

Falcon Heights Burst Pipe Damage

The soaked sheetrock, from a burst pipe in the wall, meant a controlled demolition for this Falcon Heights home. The SERVPRO team can minimize the deconstruction during the water damage repairs to keep the costs down. Ready for the build back.

poly covering furniture, carpet removed, tv covered on wall

Lauderdale Water Damage Restoration

The water from the burst pipe has been removed by our SERVPRO technicians in this Lauderdale home. We removed some of the non-salvageable flooring and covered the furnishings and flatscreen to protect them from dust and debris. The large LGR dehumidifier is completing the drying portion of the service.

equipment down long office alley with cubicles on both side

Falcon Heights Water Clean Up

This large office suffered a ceiling leak which meant that the SERVPRO team responded rapidly. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We quickly removed the water sill in the carpeting and used our advanced equipment for drying. We minimize primary and secondary water damage with our quick action.

equipment drying stripped walls showing framing

Storm Damage Cleanup in Falcon Heights

The contaminated groundwater from a flooding event means that biohazardous soaked drywall and carpeting must be removed from the Falcon Heights home. The health risks are well-known, so SERVPRO follows the IICRC and EPA protocols to ensure a safe environment can be restored. The controlled demolition cuts provide for an easier installation of new sheetrock. The shown air movers are completing the drying cycle of the storm damage restoration service, working slowly to remove excess moisture from the concrete pad and framing thoroughly.

sooty deposits on tiled floor and bathroom fixtures

Smoke and Soot from a Puff Back in Falcon Heights

The petroleum-based sooty puff back deposited a sticky mess in this Falcon Heights bathroom. SERVPRO can wipe down the surfaces and place a hydroxyl generator to neutralize the smoky odors, leaving the residence once again clean and sparkling.

damaged wallboard on floor, showing insulation and studs

Falcon Heights Water Damaged Wall

SERVPRO technicians can perform a controlled demolition to remove non-salvageable wallboard in this Falcon Heights home. The exposed framing and insulation can then be dried prior to installing new panels. We can help by giving us a call.

green machine with clear duct, demolition and plastic sheets

Falcon Heights Mold Cleanup

The removal of mold from a Falcon Heights home can include containment barriers, controlled demolition, repairing leaks and an extra step. SERVPRO often sets up negative air pressure using an air scrubber, and vent the airborne debris to the exterior using flat lay ducts. This is Why SERVPRO is the choice.

lobby with air movers double doors showing

St. Anthony Water Damage Service

The snout air movers completed the drying in this St. Anthony commercial building. The resilient flooring responded well to the evaporative efficiency of our advanced equipment and mitigated the water damage to zero.

drying equipment in a basement, washer dryer and more in corner

Storm Flooded Basement in Falcon Heights

Our SERVPRO crew responded quickly to mitigate the flood damage in this Falcon Heights basement. We worked hard and fast to prevent damage to the appliances and the structure. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

burned trusses and sheathing in an attic, black

St. Anthony Roof Fire Damage

The fire moved into the attic from the kitchen and damaged this St. Anthony structure. We work hard and fast to remove the charred insulation and scrape the thin layer of charcoal from the raw timber supports.

tiled bathroom, commode, and cut out walls

St. Anthony Water Damage Demolition

The water leak in this bathroom meant the damaged sheetrock had to be cut out and discarded. By opening the wall cavities, drying and applying an antifungal agent can be done by our team.

flooded concrete basement area

St. Anthony House Flooding

Flash flooding can deposit volumes of water into a St. Anthony home. The sump pump failed as the waters flowed. Our SERVPRO crew arrived and pumped out the water with our truck-mounted equipment. Then we can proceed to reestablish order for our customers.

scorched and burned kitchen range and cabinets

Torched Kitchen in St. Anthony

This Photo shows what happens when stovetop frying is left unattended, even for a moment. Fortunately, we arrived soon after the fire damaging incident and started the cleanup and restoration, including purging the air of the pungent malodors.

shower head, mold stains on walls and ceiling, the tiled wall in bathroom

Lauderdale Mold-Infested Shower

Moisture can build up in a bathroom when the ceiling exhaust fan does not work. This can fuel dormant mold spores into what is shown in this Photo. SERVPRO techs can removed the damaged material, spray the exposed area, and restore the shower stall, "Like it never even happened."

pooling water on carpeted office area, chairs stacked against wall

St Anthony Water Damaged Office

When water floods your office in a St. Anthony office complex on a Monday morning, whom should you call? SERVPRO! We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we mean to quickly remove the standing water, dry out the structure, and get your office back in business.

visible ceiling joists into attic, exposed panels

Falcon Heights Water Damage

Our SERVPRO technicians arrived within hours to mitigate the water damage to this Falcon Heights home. We can perform a controlled demolition to reduce the time on the job, inconveniences to our customers, and save them money. You can always rely on expert service from our team.