What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

After an attic fire, we had a massive mess of burned sheetrock and had no idea what to do with the insulation. Your team came in and got started right away on the cleanup and handled all of the structural fixing that needed doing. Fantastic service and friendly restoration techs!

Even though the fire was not in our condo unit, the smell made its way through the air ducts into our apartment.  Our neighbors were the first ones to call SERVPRO and several of us have done the same.  The air feels clean and the smell of fire is gone.

An electrical malfunction almost cost us our home and we were worried we would lose it all. SERVPRO came in and showed us how professionals tackle big jobs. It wasn’t an easy process, but we are back home and you can’t really tell how bad the incident was. I appreciate the team’s professionalism and accountability.

I always light candles all over my home, but a freak accident caused a fire.  I was nervous about using chemicals, so I called SERVPRO for help.  They explained each of the cleaning solutions they used and had my home looking like new in no time.  I’m so glad I call them.

My parents are getting older and had a small fire in their home.  I wanted to make sure there weren’t any hidden consequences, so we called the SERVPRO professional team.  They were thorough and explained everything to me as they went along.  I am confident that my parents’ home is safe.

A kitchen fire burned cabinets and melted dishes and utensils.  As much as we tried, we couldn’t get rid of the smell.  I did my research and found SERVPRO.  They lived up to everything they promise, including documenting the damage so I could file an insurance claim.